This Is Wild Creations

Our 18,000sq ft workshop in Cardiff gives us the space to create props, displays and projects as big as your imagination. Click right to see some of what we're about and the facilities and services we can offer.


Working with clay or plasticine allows us to add the finest details to sculptures.

Polystyrene Carving

Perfect for creating large sculptures, these can be hard coated to give a robust and hardwearing finish. Polystyrene carving can also be used to create an inner core prior to adding a skin of clay to add a detailed and intricate finish.

5 axis CNC Robot

If your creation requires precision or is a product replica, then our robot is right for you! We can mill up to 8' x 4' x 4' blocks of polystyrene and many other materials on our rotary table in a single piece, we can also mill several blocks to create even bigger items. We have the facilities to 3d scan objects maximising our robot's potential for you.

Mould Making and Casting

Moulding a clay sculpt allows us to cast a replica in much harder wearing materials, it can also be used when replicating many identical objects. We can cast in a variety of different materials including fibreglass, plastics, hard and soft foams.

Metal Fabrication

Having a dedicated fabrication team ensures our creations are structurally sound and can be rigged in some of the most challenging locations.


We have a dedicated carpentry area to create more traditional scenic items and displays.

Concept drawing and visualisation

With a wide range of software programs available to us we can convey a graphic representation of your design ideas or alternatively create a maquette to offer complete visualisation on what your project will look like once fabricated or built.