UK based company providing bespoke props and displays for TV, Film, Exhibitions, Retail and more

Well hello, glad you stopped by we’ve got some stuff we’d like to show you. 

We're not sure what you’re looking for, maybe you’re not sure either but that’s ok, we have a knack of being able to solve that. 

We are a prop making company based in Cardiff, it’s a great location that makes it easy for us to get to you wherever you are in the UK.  We work on a wide range of projects, creating props and displays for all sorts of industries, TV, exhibitions, events, retail, marketing and museums being just a few.

We have a host of talents from woodworking to sculpture and everything in between and we’re not afraid to unleash any combination of these to make your creation the most eye catching, fun and practical you have ever come across. 

We enjoy what we do and we are confident this reflects in our work.  We care about our creations and keep attention to detail as our number one priority.   

If you want to know what we’re about, why not give us a call, or drop by for a chat and a coffee, we have a cracking coffee machine and maybe even brownies* on a good day!!  If you're not feeling too chatty today, check out the creations page to browse through how we’ve previously made people's ideas and concepts (some more obscure than others) a reality.

*Wild Creations Ltd reserve the right to have eaten all the brownies before you get here.