Wild Creations

The weird and wonderful realised

We're not sure what you're looking for, maybe you're not sure either but that's ok, we have a knack of being able to solve that. We create sculptures, props and displays for all sorts of industries, TV, exhibitions, events, PR and marketing being just a few. With a host of talents from sculpture to woodwork, we're not afraid to unleash any combination of these to make your creation the most eye-catching, fun and practical you have ever come across. We enjoy what we do and care about our creations, we are confident this reflects in our work. Why not give us a call, or drop by for a coffee, we have a cracking coffee machine and maybe even brownies on a good day. If you're not feeling too chatty, check out the creations page to see how we've made other people's ideas and concepts a reality. We reserve the right to have eaten all the brownies before you get here.